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The opportinity

In the aftermath of the pandemic and the backlash of anti-voter legislation, working people and young people are turning to collective action with an energy that this country hasn’t seen in decades.

Worker Power transforms this moment into a movement. It is a political organization built by workers, with workers, and for workers. The mission is in the name.

The situation

At a moment when few others dare, workers and young people put on masks, hit the pavement, and turn out the vote. Many of us have fought for democracy in the workplace. Now, we are fighting for democracy across the country.

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Support Worker Power
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Help us hire and house canvassers for this final push in the Georgia runoff to win the U.S. Senate.

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The Worker Power Institute is a non-partisan political education program of Worker Power.

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1021 S 7th Ave, Ste 202, Phoenix, AZ 85007
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