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Worker Power is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization.


We are a multi-racial, multi-generational organization dedicated to preserving democracy and improving the lives of working families across the United States through voter engagement and strategic policy interventions.

We draw on the best traditions of union organizing and non-violent direct action to execute electoral and policy campaigns that have a decisive and national impact on issues affecting our lives.  
Worker Power recruits and trains workers and young people as agents of political change in their communities. These leaders are building a movement that will elect and support public officials who fight for working people.

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Worker Power started in 2012 as CASE Action Fund and conducted our first partisan electoral campaign, “Adios Arpaio.” We mobilized more than 4,000 volunteers—most of them high-school students—who collected more than 35,000 voter registrations to unseat the anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio barely survived that election, and Worker Power and our partner organizations defeated him in 2016.

In 2018, Worker Power led Arizona’s most extensive independent expenditure field campaign and helped elect pro-worker candidates to statewide office for the first time in a decade. ​


In 2020, Worker Power knocked on 750,000 doors to help elect President Joe Biden and Senator Mark Kelly in Arizona. In Georgia, we knocked on an additional 550,000 doors to flip the U.S. Senate. When few others dared, our canvassers put on masks, hit the pavement, and turned out the vote.  


In 2022, our organizers and canvassers registered more than 10,000 voters and knocked on more than 750,000 doors in Arizona and 300,000 in Georgia, primarily among voters in low-income, BIPOC-dense neighborhoods. 


Today, Worker Power remains committed to continue building on our successes and transforming the social and political realities for working families in Arizona while sharing our approach and core capacity across the United States to make a national impact on the living conditions of working-class families.


Brendan Walsh

Executive Director

Azra Variscic

Development Director

Jordan Greenslade

Senior Field Director

Jeremey Lasher

Senior Field Director

Isabel Rose

Operations Coordinator

Cat Castaneda

Logistics Associate

Rachele Smith


Michael Angulo

Senior Researcher

Maggie Acosta

Field Director

Marilyn Wilbur

Field Organizer

Mike Martinez

Field Organizer

Jawaher Abbas

Field Organizer

Sigrid Bantaleon

Field Organizer

Kort Turner

Data Manager

Morningstar Bloom

Research & Policy Specialist


Susan Minato
Co-President, UNITE HERE Local 11

Fred Yamashita
Executive Director, Arizona AFL-CIO

Rachel Sulkes
Communications Director, UNITE HERE Local 11

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