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Leadership Development

The greatest strength of Worker Power is our ability to educate, mentor and train ordinary working people to affect positive socio-economic change on a local, state, and national level. These workers become future community leaders who, in return, train their coworkers, neighbors, and friends how to strategize and execute our campaigns. We are proud of that track record and equally proud of the diversity of leaders developed through our programs and campaigns.  


Our current and former staff include grassroots organizers, elected leaders, and social justice advocates. At least five women – four women of color – who started their organizing and advocacy careers with us currently serve in senior staff and executive-level positions in partner organizations. Our former staff also includes public officials such as Athena Salman, who is serving her fourth term in Arizona’s House of Representatives, and Betty Guardado – a former hotel housekeeper, UNITE HERE Local 11 organizer, and Worker Power Board member – who has been a leading member of the Phoenix City Council since 2019. 


Worker Power continues to expand its leadership pipeline, launching working people from all ages and backgrounds and in various fields – including organizing, research and policy, operations, data analysis, and governance – to the front lines of the fight for social justice in Arizona and beyond.

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