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Worker Power is a leader in the fight for economic justice and the preservation of democracy in the United States. A multiracial, multigenerational movement of working people, we draw on the best traditions of union organizing and non-violent direct action to execute electoral and policy campaigns that have a decisive impact on issues affecting our lives.  


We recruit and train workers and young people as agents of political change in their communities. These leaders are building a movement to hold public officials accountable to working families and their needs.

To apply: Send cover letter and resumé to


Open Positions

Political Community Canvasser

Connecting with voters personally is the most effective way to ensure they support our movement toward social equity. We do this through door-to-door canvassing. As a canvasser, you will walk a neighborhood with a list of voters, knock on their doors, talk to them about the candidate that aligns with Worker Power's progressive values, and invite them to vote for candidates who support social equity efforts and advocate for working people.

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